Inspired. Curious. Travelled. Connected. This is DesignARC.

Our goal has always been to have a diverse team with diverse talents and interests.

While we share a sharp focus for the end result – beautiful, functional, purposeful architecture – our inspirations come from many different places, experiences and interests. And we use this to find new ideas, provoke fresh thinking and maintain an insightful understanding of the world around us.

Los Angeles

Andy Alper Architect, Senior Project Director, Principal - AIA Contact
Colton Stevenson Project Designer Contact
Delia Guarneros Senior Project Designer, LEED AP Contact
Dion McCarthy Architect, Principal - AIA, NCARB Contact
Doug Myhr Architect, Senior Associate, AIA Contact
Francisco Martinez Project Designer Contact
Janet Robertson Administrative Manager Contact
Mark Kirkhart Architect, Principal - AIA, NCARB Contact
Nikki Karpf de Castillo Senior Project Designer Contact
Onur Tasan Project Designer Contact
Raymond Urruty Senior Project Designer, Principal Contact
Yu-I Chan Architect, Senior Associate Contact

Santa Barbara

Briana Plascencia Office / Library Assistant Contact
Brianna Knudsen Interior Designer, CID Contact
Danielle Fuller Office Coordinator / Interior Design Assistant Contact
George Mansour Designer Contact
Jaeson Greer Architect, LEED AP Contact
Jodi Sutton Senior Interior Designer, CID Contact
Kevin Dumain Architect, Associate - AIA Contact
Kevin Murphy Designer Contact
Lloyd Malear Senior Residential Project Manager Contact
Lori Fuller Administrative Manager / Controller Contact
Mark Kirkhart Architect, Principal - AIA, NCARB Contact
Mark Shields Senior Design Director, Principal Contact
Matt Gries Architect, AIA Contact
Melisa Cinarli Turner Senior Project Manager, LEED AP Contact
Monica Jeffus-Licea Designer Contact
Thomas Hashbarger Architect, Associate - AIA Contact
Will Rivera Architect Contact